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Capacity building

MCS develops and delivers tailored capacity building interventions which provide our partners with the capacity required at an individual or organizational level. This includes capacity building support to organizations on how to translate in-country experiences into policy formulation through advocacy, project management, ICT skills development, research and monitoring skills to systematically collect evidence, and communication with stakeholders including the media.


We are experienced facilitators, trainers and mentors who have developed and delivered a range of training programmes and organizational development support. MCS staff have developed, managed and delivered bespoke programmes for governments, schools and organizations to build capacity and support change.


We understand how important it is for professionals and organizations in government and civil society to have adequate capacities and skills to achieve their objectives, meet expectations of donors and be able to build trust and working relationships with their stakeholders. Civil society and governments, for instance, can only gain support if they are able to demonstrate impact and explain this clearly to their citizens and communities – not just to external donors. Building capacities for governments and civil society is critical but often not adequately prioritised in a resource constrained environment. We develop strategies that recognize the resourcing constraints of projects and organizations.