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Strategy development

MCS works closely with our clients in order to draw on their knowledge and experience and to create a shared vision and objectives. MCS undertakes research and analysis to understand the needs, organizational or project context, opportunities and challenges. We then design strategies which clearly define the goals and the approach for achieving them. Our strategy development approach helps clients understand the actions and decisions they need to take to achieve their goals, taking into account the forces that promote and impede reaching each goal.


MCS has experience developing organizational, project, training and communications strategies. We also work with clients to help them implement these strategies by, for instance, helping to put in place the capabilities, processes, management structures and partnerships required.


We believe that effective strategic planning is important for achieving an organization’s goals. It can help increase a project’s probability of success and overcome resistance to change. We look at where the organization is now, where it needs to be and then how to get there. We develop strategies that both reflect organization’s aspirations and are grounded in current reality.