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Our directors have authored and contributed to a number of resources including:


"e-Transform Africa education sector study", 2011.


"Mobile Phones for Millennium Development Goals: Qualitative needs analysis to overcome communications barriers to improve maternal health", 2011.


“Tackling e-waste”, Global Information Society Watch Report,2010 .

“Pro-poor ICT Access Resource kit” The Association for Progressive Communication (APC), 2009.

“Equitable Access Papers and Commentaries” , The Association for Progressive Communications (APC), 2008.

“Giving away secrets: Can open source convert the software world?”, Panos London, 2007 .

“Going the last mile: What’s stopping a wireless revolution?” , Panos London, 2006.

“Dollar divide, digital divide: Funding the ICT revolution”, Panos London, 2005.

“Who rules the internet?: Understanding ICANN” , Panos London, 2005.

“Completing the Revolution: the Challenge of Rural Telephony in Africa”, Murali Shanmugavelan and Kitty Warnock, Panos London, 2004.

“Involving civil society in ICT policy: The World Summit on the Information Society”, The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the Campaign for Communications Rights in the Information Society (CRIS), 2003. PDF